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122d Air Support Operations Squadron - Louisiana Air National Guard - Pineville, LA

Who we are
The 122d Air Support Operations Squadron (ASOS), Louisiana Air National Guard, located at Camp Beauregard, Pineville, LA.

What we do
Provides liaison to US Army and Army National Guard commanders on the use of air power, and provides terminal attack control for Close Air Support (CAS) missions. Directly supports one Army Guard Division and two Army Guard Brigades with Air Liaison Officers (ALOs) and Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) specialists (1C4X0s).

Establish and maintain mobile communication voice and data network anywhere, on short notice, in any conditions providing the Governor, TAG, Assistant Adjutant General-Air, and JFHQ LAANG with clear lines of information during state or national emergency. 

Contact Information
Orderly Room:
318-641-5950 / 5946

Recruiting Office:
318-641-5965 / 5966